BeSure! to use crop protection products safely and responsibly

Deciding how to manage weeds, insects and diseases that routinely attack their crops is just one of many decisions farmers must make each season. In selecting the right crop protection tool, farmers must not only consider its effectiveness, but also its potential impact on the environment. Protecting bees and other wildlife is a major part of good agricultural practices and why Growing Matters launched BeSure!, a stewardship initiative to support farmers in accomplishing this important goal.


Neonicotinoids Are Important

The use of seed treatments, including neonicotinoid insecticides, is a cost-effective tool used by many farmers to protect and prepare their seeds for a strong, healthy start. Whether applied as a seed treatment, or as a foliar spray or soil treatment, neonics are used because of their selective effectiveness against destructive insects and their safety to people and the environment, when used according to the label. Because of these attributes, neonics often play a critical role in most modern integrated pest-management (IPM) programs.


Follow the Label Directions

Like all insecticides, neonics must be used responsibly and in accordance with the label directions to avoid harmful exposures to people, wildlife and the environment. Reading and following the label use instructions is the first and most important consideration when handling any pesticide. Labels provide precise information on how to minimize potential exposures to bees or wildlife, as well as how products may be safely used, handled, stored and disposed.


BeSure! About Stewardship

Good stewardship is all about adopting best-management practices to ensure products are used safely and responsibly. Growing Matters’ BeSure! campaign is an industry-wide collaboration between crop protection providers, trade associations and ag retailers. Its goal is to reinforce practical stewardship practices that will protect bees and other wildlife when handling, planting and disposing of treated seeds, as well as from other neonic applications used throughout the growing season.


An Industry Effort

In addition to the Growing Matters coalition of agricultural companies, BeSure! is supported by the American Seed Trade Association (ASTA) and National Pesticide Safety Education Center (NPSEC).


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