As part of the Growing Matters report, AgInfomatics, LLC, initiated case studies to document the real world impact of neonicotinoids to farmers and turf and ornamental professionals.  These case studies demonstrate the important role that neonicotinoids play to sustain communities by helping farmers grow bountiful crops, and ornamental professionals grow vibrant and healthy plants.

Citrus Case Study

Hear from citrus growers about the impact of neonicotinoids on Asian Citrus Psyllid Рa devastating invasive pest that can lead to citrus greening and wipe out orchards.

Cotton Case Study

Members of the Mid-South cotton community talk about the importance of cotton to the fabric of their community, and the role neonicotinoids play in keep their industry productive.

Emerald Ash Borer Case Study

Hear the inspiring story of a Midwestern Community who came together to preserve the Ash Trees in their community by using neonicotinoids to combat the emerald ash borer.